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Bahrain expels Israeli ambassador, cuts economic ties
Bahrain's parliament announced Thursday it has recalled its ambassador to Israel and suspended economic ties with Tel Aviv.

According to Arab News, a statement published on the website of Bahrain's parliament confirmed that the Israeli ambassador had left the country, while Bahrain recalled its ambassador from Israel and suspended all economic relations with it. The statement added that Bahrain's decision to recall its ambassador and suspend economic ties is based on the kingdom's "firm and historic position that supports the Palestinian cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people."

The purpose of the agreement was to normalize relations between the two Arab countries and Israel and later Sudan and Morocco.

US-brokered deals aimed at gaining greater recognition for Israel in the Arab world paved the way for trade deals and military cooperation with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates starting in 2020.

Jordan rejected the Gaza war and announced to recall its ambassador to Israel in protest.

Yesterday, the Jordanian Foreign Office said in a statement that "Jordan has instructed its ambassador from Israel to return home immediately."

According to the statement of the Jordanian foreign office, "Israel has been told not to send its ambassador to Jordan." Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has made this decision as a response to Israel's brutal war against Gaza.

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