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Fabiano also said that two compatriots
Fabiano also said that two compatriots, Alysson and Fermino, have helped themselves to integrate into the new environment: "The way the team plays is great, and other experienced teammates are helping me. My wife and I. Falling in love with this city, we already have a home, Fermino is a very good person, his family has also given us a lot of help, and Aliceson. We have begun to  FIFA Coins settle down, there are Brazil in the team. My compatriots did help. Now the next step is to stage a debut. I am training very well and I am ready."

Fabiano's Brazilian national team played only four times, and he believes that joining the Premier League will help him further stabilize his position in the national team: "If the Premier League is not the best league in the world, it is also the best two. One of the leagues, the level here is definitely much higher than the French, Liverpool is also a great team, I think that will bring me closer to the Brazilian team, but I also have to play for the club often, then I hope that I Can often play for the Brazilian team"

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